Dandelion Seed Charm - Resin Pendant - Handmade
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You can check for more detailed photos of charm here
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Metanoia Charm
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when I’m old, kids will think I’m so ancient because it’s like ‘Holy shit you were born in the nineteen hundreds’

We’ll be the last humans to be born in a year beginning with “1”


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I’m an adult, but not like a real adult

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If you see this, please don’t kill yourself. You will thank yourself one day. You will be happy you are alive.

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The worst part about being strong is that no one ever asks if you’re okay.

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if countries were students

  • Australia: The class clown who makes everyone laugh
  • America: The jock who loves themselves and everyone secretly hates
  • Canada: The nice person who offers to show you around on your first day
  • England: The hot boy everybody wants to bang because he's a gentlemen
  • New Zealand: Australia's little brother who is the only one who thinks Australia sucks
  • The Netherlands: That high kid in the back that everyone just ignores
  • France: The romantic playboy who hangs around England too much
  • China: The overly smart kid who puts his hand up for every question
  • Russia: The scary large kid that nobody talks to because they'll probably get stabbed